Are you interested in volunteering at Jonas Salk Elementary School?
Whether it’s in your student’s classroom or at a school/PTA event, we LOVE our volunteers!

However, there is a procedure to be able to volunteer on campus and it’s for the safety of all of our students.

To be a volunteer, you must fill out a School Volunteer Application and provide proof of a completed TB test.
You may pick up a form in the school office, the PTA office or download it HERE.

Once completed, turn the form and proof of your TB test to either the office or the PTA office.
You will receive a welcome email once you are approved.

Once you are approved, you will be entered into our volunteer database.  As we receive requests for volunteers for various events, you will receive an email notification.  If you are willing and able to volunteer for that event, simply reply.  If you are not able to volunteer for the event, then just ignore the email.

*Note: If you wish to volunteer in your student’s classroom, once you receive the email notification that you are approved to volunteer, contact the teacher directly to schedule your volunteering.

(This document defines the district’s expectations for all school volunteers)
(If you do not follow this code, your volunteer approval will be revoked.)

As a volunteer, I agree to abide by the following code of conduct:

  1. Immediately upon arrival, I will sign in at the main office or the designated sign-in station.
  2. I will wear or show volunteer identification whenever required by the school to do so.
  3. I will use only adult bathroom facilities.
  4. I agree to never be alone with individual students who are not under the supervision of teacher or school authorities.
  5. I will not contact students outside school hours without permission from the students’ parents.
  6. I agree to not exchange telephone numbers, home addresses, e-mail addresses or any other home directory information with students for any purpose unless it is required as part of my role as a volunteer.  I will exchange home directory information only with parental and administrative approval.
  7. I will maintain confidentiality outside of school and will share with teachers and/or school administrators any concerns that I may have related to student welfare and/or safety.
  8. I agree to not transport students without the written permission of parents or guardians or without the expressed permission of the school or district and will abide by District Administrative Procedure #4586 when transporting students.
  9. I will not disclose, use or disseminate student photographs or personal information about students, self or others.
  10. I agree to follow the district procedure for screening of volunteers.
  11. I agree to notify the school principal if I am arrested for a misdemeanor or felony sex, drug or weapon related offense.
  12. I agree only to do what is in the best personal and educational interest of every child with whom I come into contact.

I agree to follow the Volunteer Code of Conduct at all times or cease volunteering immediately.

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