Jogathon pledge forms deadline – Wed, April 18th

The PLEDGE forms for our 2017-2018 Jogathon are due on this date.  The hard copies and collection envelope were sent home with your children before Spring Break.

 Please be sure to collect all donations/pledges, place them in the envelope (sent with the Jogathon packet before Spring Break) and return all collections by Wednesday, 4/18.

REMEMBER:  Any payment by check should be written out to “Jonas Salk Elementary PTA”.

 If you cannot locate your PLEDGE form, please feel free to download a copy here (PLEDGE FORM)… OR take the online pledging route – HERE.  Be sure to share this link to all your families and friends!

 The goal is to raise at least $20 from every participating student towards our goal amount of $15,000.

 Additional resources:



 Thank you, Lion community!

~your Jonas Salk Elementary PTA~ 

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