Lion call…

Hello Lion families…
We are truly fortunate to be in such a community RICH in diversity!
At the moment we only have 2 cultures represented (India and Hawai’i) for our International Fest next Friday night, March 2nd.
We would truly be honored to have more cultures represented at our event. It can be as simple as food/snack samples, kids crafts, plants, common fruits, pottery, a display of cultural attire or adornments/jewelry, lessons in writing in different languages, kid songs, chopstick technique, a project board display of pictures with details on customs and events, displays of foreign currency, a demo/quick lesson of a cultural dance… the list goes on and on!
Again, we have a lot of space in the MPR just waiting for you to jump on a great community-building opportunity!
Please submit your inquiries by either email for quicker response… as well as by form submission on the link below.
your Jonas Salk PTA

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