Let the 2017-2018 school year BEGIN!

The 1st day of school is here!!!
Remember, we’re having our 1st Den Meeting of the year from 750-8am. Parents – please remember not to stand in the center section where the kids and their classes will be sitting. 8am our PTA will also be hosting the BooHoo Breakfast for our parents.
PARKING – because it’s a Den Meeting morning, please only park in the UNMARKED spots in the lot. It may be better to park on the street as there’s usually a small backflow to get out. Remember this is our staff/assigned parking spot lot. Please obey the rules and FLOW of the parking lot.
The entrance/exit (Parkdale and Gold Coast Dr) is a 4 way stop. When you enter – turn right immediately and the use the 3 aisles to come back around to the drop off zone. Those 3 lanes are East to West. The Drop off zone is West to East along side the flag pole. DO NOT park in the Red Curb zones! The lot flow can be slow at times so please practice patience, arrive early if you must, and ensure all pedestrians in our lot (your children, fellow parents, and our awesome staff) are kept SAFE!
REMEMBER – the children are lining by class on the blacktop. Parents will be by the blue cafeteria tables. The teachers will walk their classes to the Den Meeting (front stage) and then to their classes once done. Parents/Families – when the kids are off to their classrooms, please do not follow them there. We need the parents to cooperate by not going into the classroom areas. We need to keep a safe and controlled transition between teacher pickups to their rooms ALWAYS!
Don’t forget your sunblock and water bottles these next few days! There’s a heat advisory warning.
Also, keep an ear out for any PTA announcements as well as from Principal Hardson!
Have an incredible 1st day of the 2017-2018 school year, Lions!

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