We made it, Jonas Salk Lions! The last day of school is here!
Let’s get some thank you’s and recognition in…
Much congratulations goes out to our departing 5th graders! Continued success to you and your future endeavors!

An incredibly HUGE thank you to each and every one of our Jonas Salk staff! You are all OUTSTANDING in all your roles. We can’t thank you all enough!

Much thanks to our PTA and PTA Volunteers as well as the Parent/Family volunteers, crosswalk monitors, etc. Your effort and involvement to our own children and the school is truly tremendous! Shout out to our event sponsors too!

Champions – Thank you for being a tremendous resource to us and our kids before and after school! Life savers!

Principal Hardson – your commitment to our entire school is truly valued and appreciated!

Much congrats goes out to all our non-5th Graders… you made it! That last school bell today will be music to your ears!
May you all have a fantastic, safe and ROOOOAAAAR’ing summer!

We’ll still be posting school and community updates online.

Our JSES online links can be found here:

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