It’s Election Time!

It’s official! We are going to be a PTA and make a difference in all of our kids’ lives! Our bylaws are completed. We have a slate of potential board officers. All that is left is to officially vote and elect those officers.

That’s where you come in!

We are going to have our first meeting (where we elect our board members) on Monday, August 17th.

And to top it off, it will be our first fundraiser for our school!

We will be meeting at Chuck E Cheese here in Mira Mesa at 6:30 pm. Our kids will get to play. You get out of cooking dinner and doing dishes. And we will get to elect our Executive Board.

When you come into the restaurant, go to the right (where they usually have the parties). That’s where our meeting will be and you can also pick up the flyer and coupons for Chuck E Cheese so you can get a discount on dinner and the school can get the perks!

Also, there is no cost to attend the meeting or to enter Chuck E. Cheese. Food is available for purchase and is optional.

See you all there!

Click HERE to get more details on the event and to RSVP.


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